potion of cure serious wounds
potion of mage armor
potion of cure serious wounds
Kalima’s Spellbook (4 5th level, 6 4th level, 6 3rd level, 7 2nd level, 10 1st level)
potion of cure serious wounds
2 potions of cure light wounds
+3 humanbane longspear
+2 Headband of Intelligence

Konstantinos Mellios
Headband of Cha +4
Bracers of Armor +3
Ring of Counterspells
Belt of Con +2
Scroll of Interrogation
258 pp

Grappler’s Mask

Frost Giants/Summer Knight
Summer Staff (+2 impact quarterstaff, 3/day as swift after striking opponent, inflict bubonic plague)
+1 breastplate
belt of phys might (+2 str/+2 con)
amulet of nat armor +1
ring of protection +2
4x greataxe +1
568 gp, gems worth 2500 gp

Ending’s Tomb
Scroll of Death Ward
Elephant Figurine of Wondrous Power
Shawl of the Crone
Pauldrons of the Watchful Lion
Crystal Ball
10x +3 Thundering Bolts
Necklace worth 500g
Ring worth 200g
+4 Lifesurge Greatsword
Rod of Shadows
10000gp in diamon ds

Robert Carpenter
+4 chain shirt
+2 frost longsword
cloak of the mountebank
potion of haste
3x potion of cure critical wounds

Hubadai and Ond
Torc of Resistance (Neck, 5 saves)
+3 caster’s dagger (
5 Concentration)
+3 hide armor
ring of protection +3
headband of wisdom +6
scroll of heal (Mongo)
scroll of fire storm (Mongo)


Oath of Iron oncelor