The Church of the Twins is the main religion practiced in the human lands of Lethel with clerics and priests devoted to the Twin Gods, Solan and Nyx. Temples and shrines can be found in most communities and the clergy devote much of their time to maintaining a divine balance. The main seat of church power is the Cathedral of the Sun in Galian and the Shrinehold of the Moon in Dulquis.

Alignment: Solan (LG, LN, LE, NG, NE, N), Nyx (NG, NE, N, CG, CN, CE)
Domains: Solan, The Shining Day – Sun, War, Community, Healing, Liberation, Plant, Law, Glory, Protection, Strength
Nyx, The Deepest Night – Darkness, Magic, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery, Travel, Chaos, Animal, Repose, Death
Good or Evil may be taken by the appropriate alignments.

The Circle of Powers is the ancient religion of the earliest humans and of most demihumans. The Circle is devoted to each of the Prime Forces represented by Law, Chaos, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, and Life. Circle Temples are spread throughout the world, some fallen into disrepair with the emergence of the Twins, but many still tended by loyal followers. The Circle maintain the most support in the regions inhabited by demihumans who revere them as creators and patrons.

Alignment/Domains: Good and Evil can be taken by clerics with those alignments.
Esmeara, Divine Life N – Healing, Community, Sun, Animal, Plant, Glory, Liberation, Luck, Scalykind
Trugak, Divine Chaos CN – Chaos, Charm, Entropy, Destruction, Liberation, Strength, Madness, Luck, Trickery, War
Mourn, Divine Death LN – Death, Darkness, Knowledge, Void, Protection, Magic, Repose
Fiimbo, Divine Fire CN – Fire, Artifice, Knowledge, Destruction, Community, Glory
Hruslath, Divine Water LN – Water, Weather, Destruction, Healing, Travel, Protection
Kedek, Divine Law – LN Law, Artifice, Community, Magic, Knowledge, Rune, Protection, Void, Nobility
Unbroz, Divine Earth – N Earth, Protection, Strength, Darkness, Artifice, Rune
See, Divine Air – CN Air, Travel, Weather, Trickery, Magic, Void, Sun

The Imperial Pantheon are the seven major gods and numerous demigods of the old Eastern religion worshiped by the inhabitants of the regions now comprising the empire of Lystrea. The Lystrean faith is strongest in Lystrea and its colonies; although, many regions maintain their own faiths underground as the Imperial Pantheon is the only legal religion within the borders of the Empire.

Iuminus, God of Fate – LN – Death, Void, Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Iuminae, Goddess of Creation – CN – Healing, Community, Sun, Artifice, Luck
Kalyr, God of War – LG – War, Strength, Nobility, Glory, Destruction
Lysa, Goddess of Trade – N – Magic, Rune, Travel, Trickery, Luck
Myr, God of Storms – CE – Darkness, Air, Water, Weather, Entropy
Alimiite, Goddess of Wilderness – N – Plant, Earth, Animal, Charm, Liberation
Marcus Augustus, God of the Empire – LN – Glory, War, Law, Protection, Luck, Fire

The True Faith is the major religion of Theras, the southern continent. The True Faith is deeply distrustful of arcane magic after the Wars of Power brought a growing era of technology and industrial innovation to the south. Priests rarely leave their homeland, but the occasional missionary is sent beyond the Magicsend Mountains to Lethel and beyond to preach the doctrine of Truth. The True Faith has since been exported to the Ishari lands north of the mountains and a vast majority of the Ishari have converted to the faith they call Shar al-Isaam.

Alignment: LN Domains: Law, Artifice, Glory, Protection, Fire, Healing, Knowledge

Smaller cults and religions exist with most worshiping a powerful outsider capable of granting divine magic to clerics, such as demon princes or archangels. These faiths are usually quite small with perhaps one tribe or ethnic group following them(e.g., the Triu, a powerful spirit who is worshiped by the Kal people; the Cult of Orcus), and the remnant faiths of the gods worshiped before the coming of the Faith to Theras.

Triu – Spirit of the Kalistar, Alignment: N Domains: Earth, Air, Strength, War, Glory, Animal
Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath, Alignment: CE Domains: Darkness, Magic, Death, Chaos, Evil

The Old Theran Pantheon

The Old Theran Pantheon exists only as a remnant, during the Mourning War the Avatar of Eshoko was destroyed, and Nyame and Kanesh have ceased all communication with their worshippers. Lalthithani has become a demon princess – Lolth, banished to the Demonweb Pits within the Abyss. Only Meransi still has an active presence, but he is much weakened by loss of believers.

Nyame, Goddess of the Heavens, Alignment: N Domains: Magic, Air, Weather, Luck, Knowledge, Protection
Lalthithani Goddess of the Underworld (also known as Lolth), Alignment: CE Domains: Magic, Death, Void, Destruction, Evil, Chaos, Earth, Trickery
Eshoko, God of the Plains and Rivers, Alignment: LG Domains: Magic, Glory, Nobility, Artifice, Strength, Sun, Water
Kanesh, God of Knowledge, Alignment: LN Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Protection, Community
Meransi, God of Illusion, Alignment: CN Domains: Magic, Trickery, Luck, Animal, War, Void
Numerous Demigods of all aspects.


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